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Too many are lulled today into thinking that only “loose nukes” or new nuclear weapons states are a problem. We should all be grateful to the authors of Nuclear Disorder or Cooperative Security, who remind us so powerfully of the dangers that remain from our own government’s nuclear weapons, and of the vital centrality of international law as our weapon to abolish these instruments of terror globally. - Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies

This book is an important contribution to the effort to rid our planet of weapons of mass destruction, and I encourage my colleagues in Congress to read it. - Congresswoman Barbara Lee

With clear prose, the authors add cogent analysis and new urgency to the often uneven, stalled, and ill-informed discourse on the provocative U.S. role in nuclear proliferation. They do more, bringing a critical challenge seldom heard in academic and arms control circles: nuclear abolition is the only guarantor of global security, the only path to peace. - Frida Berrigan, World Policy Institute

This assessment of our Final Report and its 60 recommendations is exactly the kind of response we were hoping for. The Report has now been critically reviewed and scrutinized by experts from civil society organizations, adding to its credibility. A very timely and important contribution. - Hans Blix, Chairman, Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission

A lucid, compelling book with concise, detailed directions for reducing nuclear dangers on the path to disarmament, a reliable road-guide away from the nuclear abyss. But it simultaneously reports that the current U.S. administration is reading that map upside down, following the guidelines posted in precisely the wrong direction. There is no time to lose for the passengers on planet earth to take hold of the wheel, turn the map right-side up, and let its authors pilot us to safety. - Daniel Ellsberg, 2006 Winner of the Right Livelihood Award

With professional clarity, Nuclear Disorder or Cooperative Security unpacks the policy issues and international security principles at stake in the debate about nuclear weapons. It provides the reader with the depth of understanding needed to become an effective advocate in this important field. - Jonathan Granoff, Global Security Institute

Nuclear Disorder or Cooperative Security offers in-depth analysis and recommendations regarding U.S. policy in relation to the international security framework, nuclear weapons R&D, missiles and weapons in space, climate change and nuclear power, and demilitarization and redefining security in human terms. A response to the report of the Hans Blix-led Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission, it is the product of collaboration between the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy, Western States Legal Foundation, and the Reaching Critical Will project of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

Contributing Authors

Dr. John Burroughs, Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy
Jacqueline Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation
Felicity Hill, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
Andrew Lichterman, Western States Legal Foundation
Jennifer Nordstrom, Reaching Critical Will-Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Michael Spies, Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy
Peter Weiss, Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy

Foreword by Dr. Zia Mian, Princeton University Program on Science and Global Security

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