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Press Releases

Media Advisory: Book Launch and Congressional Staff Briefing
Speakers: John Burroughs, Jacqueline Cabasso, Jennifer Nordstrom, Michael Spies, moderated by Phyllis Bennis
May 29, 2007

Nuclear Disorder or Cooperative Security To Be Released May at NPT PrepCom;
New Book Analyzes U.S. Policy on Nuclear Weapons & International Security

April 30, 2007

Arms Control Association Press Briefing
Speakers: Hans Blix, Robert Einhorn, Jonathan Tucker, John Burroughs
June 7, 2006 (8:30am to 10:30am)

Blix Commission Report on WMD A "Wake-Up Call," Say Advocacy Groups
June 1, 2006

Institute for Public Accuracy Release: Blix Report
June 1, 2006

Arms Control Association Welcomes Blix-Led WMD Commission Report
June 1, 2006

Greenpeace welcomes the publication of the much anticipated Weapons of Terror report
June 1, 2006

Disarmament Advocates Available to Comment on the Blix Commission Report on WMD, wmdreport.org Launched
May 31, 2006