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U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy and the New U.S. Peace Movement, John Burroughs and Jacqueline Cabasso, Nuclear Disarmament Days Plenary Remarks, March 11 2006

Still Standing on the Nuclear Precipice After All These Years: Why? A Critical Look Back at the 1990s, Jacqueline Cabasso, presentation at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation's annual International Law Symposium, Santa Barbara, CA, February 24, 2006

Human Security, Development and Disarmament, Jacqueline Cabasso, Plenary speech, Towards a World Without Violence , Barcelona Forum 2004, Spain, June 27, 2004

The Manhattan Project in the 21st Century, Jacqueline Cabasso, presentation at Nuclear Policy Research Institute Symposium, "Three Minutes to Midnight: The Impending Threats of Nuclear War", January 25 - 27, 2004; Washington DC

Gender and Disarmament, Reaching Critical Will

The Culture of Secrecy and the Nuclear Age, Reaching Critical Will

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